Joe Machado Memorial Fund

As many of you may know by now, Capt. Joe Machado (The backbone of Everingham Bait Company’s boat operation for the past 30 something years)  lost his battle with cancer a few days ago.  A memorial fund has been established for private support to his wife to help defray the big costs she has upcoming and we encourage anyone who has fished out of San Diego and ever been to the bait barge to make a donation, no amount is too small.  He was a hard working man who dedicated his life to making sure we all had bait, was the best at what he did and put 110% into his livelihood and this donation is what would have meant the most to him.

Make checks payable to:
Joe Machado Memorial Fund
Mail to:
Joe Machado Memorial Fund
c/o American Angler
1403 Scott St.
San Diego, CA  92106

if you want to pay online, go to and use the following email address to send the funds to:

joe machado


We all set goals for what we would like to accomplish and the same goes for us on the boat. We told ourselves that if we could catch 20 nice bluefin we would be stoked because where we were going above the banks the weather forecast was for choppy weather. When we arrived on scene the weatherman was correct and throughout the day it picked up to a steady 20-25 kts. We were lucky enough to find a few dabs of fish and ended up with close to 30 nice grade fish that included a few in the 70-80lb class. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the grounds is for it to increase so we are moving on as we will never put a fish before safety.

The guys


We got off to a great start as we were able to take advantage of the great local yellowfin bite and did good on the day of departure. It was total déjà vu many times today as I would unhook a fish look up and reach for a tag and it would be from someone like the guys in today’s picture. It makes us feel older to think how many times that this exchange has happened over the last 12 years as trust me it has happened a lot.

The guys

de ja vu

Seeker trip returns

The guys came home to very warm weather to unload their fish, but they made the best of it and got the job done.  Beautiful catch and what a super nice group of folks.  A huge thanks to Pat Doyle for representing and organizing!  See jackpot winners below

1st place  Chris McClary          76lb tuna

2nd place  Marlene McClary     44lb tuna

3rd place   Bill Cashman           43.5lb tuna

seeker jp

As Bill so eloquently put it “a rose between two thorns” and how romantic that husband and wife took jackpot together

The guys get a night in and tomorrow hello James Hardware Gang!!!



reallybruceWe went looking for a few exotics to mix it up and had great conditions but only partial luck. We had beautiful blue 81-83 degree water, found a few kelps and ended up with a couple of handfuls of dorado and 3 wahoo such as the one displayed with Bruce Warmuth. We finished up the day and trip with some fast paced yellowtail action and we are traveling home in grease calm conditions.

The guys

8/24/14 NailBiter

We started our yellowtail adventure where the fleet left off a week ago with great fishing. Having done this a few times before, we were apprehensive about conditions being the same. Unfortunately we were right about being apprehensive as there was next to no sign of fish where they had been. Starting from ground zero, it took us til lunchtime to get them located and with luck on our side we ended up having a great day. Most of our fish were on the yo-yo but the bait guys also did some damage and it was a godsend that we stayed busy.

The guys


We looked at a lot of good grade fish today and even though they were eagerly jumping around the boat they were very difficult to hook. The guys that put in the time were rewarded with a nice 25-40lb BFT and there were also several good grade u.s.yellowfin tuna in the mix. Even though it was tough to get a bite, the nice weather and opportunity for a good one equaled a great day on the ocean.

The guys


bruceAfter kind of having a free day yesterday by having great fishing on the day of departure we had the opportunity to go looking for bluefin in American waters. We ended up with a few other guys in our group getting in on some great action. All throughout the day there were plenty of fish to look at and catch. We had lots of 25-40lb fish but today’s standout was boated by Chris McClary.

The guys


We rolled out this afternoon and had great yellowfin tuna action fairly close to home. It is absolutely the best scenario possible for the San Diego Sportfishing fleet and all others involved with the fishing economy. Close to home, good weather and happy customers is what everybody needed as we all hope that this lasts for a few more months.

The guys

Uesugi-Kimura trip returns

The group had a great trip and what a variety of folks from age 11 to well, much older than that.  A big thanks to Matt Salas & Don Kuroye for their generous donation of lures and fluorocarbon which were both key elements this trip!

Congrats to jackpot winners below:

1st place           Jay Preston           77lb tuna

2nd place           Darren Sato         36.5lb tuna

3rd place           Tim Kimura           35.65lb tuna (there were 3 weighing 35.5 so Capt. Patella had to split hairs on a scale that weighed tenths)

Honorable Mention:  Glenn Kono          40lb tuna


ues-kim jp

Thanks to Russ Kimura and a special thanks to Uncle George Uesugi who came down to meet the boat – what a great surprise!

Capt. Kiyohara departed before noon for a 7 day Seeker sponsored trip.  Check back

American Angler

1 spot just opened up on the 7 day trip departing Sun Sept 7