Keep working at it

This morning we found a school right out of the gate and picked at the Yellowfin for a couple hours, hooking fish on bait a few on the Yoyo jigs and things seemed to be going our way. We managed to drive around the whole rest of the day with only a few handfuls of fish in 10 hours. The bright side to this story is that there is fish around and tomorrow is another day. When the day was all said and done the gang caught 67 Nice Yellowfin tuna. Hope for more in our future.

Good night,

The AA Gang


Skinny Pirates Return

The guys and gal came home with plenty of pelagics for their end of summer sushi parties and bbques.  A big thanks to Chris Cruger (the hoodies were super nice) and Mas Kosaka for heading up this trip and even though Norbert wasn’t far off, they had beautiful weather on this 7 dayer which always makes a great trip perfect!

Congrats to jackpot winners whose fish were definitely swimming together:

1st         Ron Rinell         44.5lbs

2nd tie   Jerry Sato          44.5lbs

3rd         Walt Nakamura  44.0lbs

skinny jp





The boat departed for a 5 day with some of our favorite people on board including Martha Bummer and company

Check back

Last Morning

We just had a few hours today before it was time to get a move on. We were still on the hunt for a few more Yellowtail and we got to fish an area that we just don’t get the opportunity to do so on a normal water temp year. So we just do what we do and what do you know, somehow it worked out. We had 32 Yellows for just a few short hours of effort and then it was time to start rolling for home. The photos of the day are of Barbara and Bob. We would like to say Thank You to our charter masters Mas and Chris for putting this group together every year, and all the rest of the gang as well. Thank you all so much.

Your Crew,

Sam, Ray, Brad, Andrew, Dave, Nick and Josh.

ETA 0730

Shallow Water Fishing

After spending the beginning part of this 7 day fishing the local waters around home yesterday we spent a day of traveling to get down to the land of Yellowtail. We had very steady fishing in the morning hours into shortly after lunch time on 15 to 25 lb Yellows. We also had good action and releasing Bonito, Barracuda and Black skipjack. Really a warm water event we got going here, water temp was 75 degrees where on the coast this usually is cold water. Whatever it is this year we just go and fish where the fish are, plain and simple. We are going to spend the morning down here and then head it for home.

Good Night,

The AA Boyz

Angling in America

The past few days we have fishing above the border getting our Tuna. We have had good luck in doing so and now it’s time make a move down below and target our Forked Tail fish we all love so much being the sport fishermen that we are. Tomorrow is basically going to be a travel day and the gang can kick back and just enjoy the nice ride down hill. Today was ok – we did get some of our targeted fish, 55 BFT and 2 nice yellows for some action. The grade of the tuna was 15 to 22 lbs and we were glad to have them. The photos of the day are of some of the fun the gang got into making bait around lunch time and the nice yellow caught right before dark.

Good Night,

The AA Gang

Keep it rolling

Today we moved up above and targeted Yellowfin Tuna, once again the fish Gods were looking down upon us and granted that wish. We ended the day with 125 fish and most of those happened to be better than 20 lb average. The photos of the day are of just a couple of our Skinny Pirates.  We are going to slide back down the line a few miles tonight and see if can get lucky again tomorrow.

Good Night,

The AA Gang

We had luck on our side

Today started out on a good note, as we looked around in the early morning we begin to see good sign of fish. We shut down about a half an hour before sunrise and we never moved till lunch time. Steady 1 to 3 going on 20 to 40 lb tuna was on the menu. When the day was all said and done we landed 92 BFT and 9 Yellowtail for the day. The gang is stoked and we’re watching the game as we speak.

Tuna tomorrow, good night

The AA Gang

Thank you Randall Lamb

The guys returned this morning with not much to show for their day, but they were cheerful and gracious and that is much appreciated.  Hot stick of the day was Clint Morgan with 3 tuna which included a 70lb yellowfin.

A big thanks to Kurt Kohler for putting this limited load show together!

American Angler

The guys departed at 11am for the annual Skinny Pirate 7 day trip