Penn trip returns

The guys returned this morning with a nice variety again – wahoo, tuna and yellowtail.  A big thank you to Steve Carson rep for Penn  who puts so much into this trip – giveaways, jackpots, awards and more.  It is much appreciated.

Congrats to the jackpot winners below!

1st place     Paulino Lopez       37.5lb wahoo

2nd place    Jeff Ingram          35.0lb wahoo

3rd place     Russ Voge            32.0lb Wahoo

Honorable mention:  Kathleen Gibson     49.5lb Wahoo

Also check out the newest addition to Justin’s family – welcome Colette!


Justin's familyPenn jp

Waypoint #1

We are on the last leg of our trip, the rods have been all bundle up, the boat has been scrubbed top to bottom and it’s time for Prime Rib dinner of course. Today we were pressed for time so it was spent just traveling up the coast to make our arrival in the morning. As always would like to thank our sponsor Steve Carson for once again all his hard work throughout the year in preparation for Penn university annual trip. Also to all the gang that joined this trip with us. Thank You All So Much.

Your Crew,

Sam, Ray, Andrew, Justin, Brian, Josh and Paul

ETA 0530


The Right Day!

After another bouncy ride last night and being behind schedule this morning the day started out a little rough. But doing what we do and keep getting after it the day turned out awesome. We found calm seas and good fishing for Yellowtail. The best choice today was for sure the Yoyo jig set up, but the real surprise of the day was the nice Tuna caught by Brian in 130 feet of water, of course mixed in with some Yellows. We are moving up again tonight and will be breaking down the gear tomorrow and getting ready for Thursday arrival.

Good night and headed your way,

The AA Gang

Morning Action

We spent just a few hours early today before it was time to keep rolling up the line. We caught few dozen Yellowtail and few Tuna for our efforts. The weather is still a bit choppy and we will arrive at our destination in the morning and will be targeting Yellows. Still in the game.

Good night,

The AA gang

Go Time!

Well today felt like we were back on a long range trip, very steady Tuna action all afternoon. It was such good fishing I hardly had time to get a couple of photos. We have another day down here on the Ridge and then it’s time to start the move back up the line so we are going to look at another spot in the morning and hope we have our good luck going on still.

Good night and today was fun!

The AA Gang

Our Turn

We just got to fishing today with the travel down, we did stop a couple times yesterday and picked up a few Yellowtail but officially today as far as I’m concern the clock started. We took today’s slot at the Rocks for our swing at the Wahoo and we did manage to get a few handfuls in the morning into lunchtime but no afternoon delight today. We are changing zip codes as we speak and hope for some hot and heavy action in our future. Did get a few photos of the gang today with their fish.

Good night,

The AA Gang


The guys returned nice and early to unload their fall variety catch – tuna, wahoo, dorado and yellowtail.

Congrats to jackpot winners!

1st   Yosh Ashikaga   53lb Wahoo

2nd  Stan Murakami   48lb Wahoo

3rd   Monte Vitzthum    41lb Wahoo

A huge thanks to everyone onboard for coming fishing and they are back at today with the Penn 8 day trip

10 day jp




Bound For Home

It’s always nice to finish a trip on a high note and with the location of these Dorados we were able to fill that order today before it was time to bundle up the rods and call it a trip. Took some photos of the gang with some Mai’s and also of one of our star crew members with a Mustad 2/0 J hook, this is not a proper nose hook demonstration. Dave is just fine, we did take it out after the photo. Now it’s time to say our Thank You’s to all of the group and to our sponsors Monte and Uncle Dee for another great M&M rod trip.

Thank You Your Crew

Sam, Brad, Dave, Brian, Andrew, Nick and Paul.

Good night and we are enjoying the ride still. ETA 0530.

Beach Day

It is time to head up all the time, today we bounced up the coast checking out some spots targeting Yellowtail. This is not a normal water year as we all know  so why would anything down here be different. Most of the Yellowtail we have been catching have been in the upper latitudes more than lower places where we would usually find them. With that being said, there are few in some places and while we spent most of the day hitting various spots we scratched up enough to make a day of it.

The photo of the day is Jan and Capt Brad with the jackpot of the day.

Good night and moving up,

The AA Gang

Janets yt

Had to earn it!

We had a fun day Wahoo fishing today in good weather. All the guys have been fishing the Rocks this last week for Wahoo and they are nice ones. Nothing has changed with catching these fish, you will have to hook a bunch to get a few. Our gang did a great job even with all the casualty’s , the normal unbutton, chew threw and you name it. A few photos of the day of the gang all having a good time. If you are coming on an upcoming Long Range trip I highly recommend bringing the best of the best Wahoo tackle because you just never know when it’s going to be your day.

Good Night,

The AA Gang

rodrigo hoo Yosh hoo Bobs hoo Daryls hoo