We started the day with a lot of optimism and high hopes of catching our share of the good grade yellowfin and bluefin that have been putting on a show in recent weeks. We were confident that we were in the right spot but after daylight we realized we would have to be patient. After a slow pick on yellowtail we realized that we would have to work on the tuna thing and after checking with the whole fleet it was next to nonexistent. With zero sign and most captains wondering how not to get skunked, we had to start moving to set our day up tomorrow. We had some yellowtail and dorado action late and one of the best stories that came out was Scott Kwong and his dorado which was the very first fish he has ever caught. The guys



This 3 day trip returned this morning with a nice catch of yellowfin and yellowtail

Thanks everyone!

Congrats to jackpot winners:

1st place    Michael Marks     28lb yt

2nd place   Todd Cohen        26.6lb yt

July 3 day open

Departing today with Toki’s 3 day

American Angler


7-24-2015 fish report

Keep the ball rolling.

We had the pleasure of staying in yesterday’s area last night so we were on scene at day light. We started striking on Tuna at first light and not much time after that we found our first kelp with fish. Mid morning rolled around and as luck would have it, found anther kelp that we were able to stay busy for while on the good grade yellowtail. When it was time to bundle up the rods and head home blessed again with a good day of fishing. As always would like to thank the gang for coming out with us, a lot fun with the younger kids. We got a couple photos for the day when things mellowed out but now it’s time to clean up and get some dinner.

Thank you,

Your Crew. Sam, Andrew, Landfill, Dave, Brad, Nick and Paul.

ETA 0700.

The guys


7-23-2015 fish report

Working for a living!

First of all we had very nice weather, a little drizzle in the morning but calm seas. We seemed to shut down in the dark in a good spot, and just a few minutes after we got underway at gray we had our first strike on Yellowfin. Throughout the morning it was fairly steady, some stops with bait fish some not so much. Visibility wasn’t that great early in the day but by the midday it cleared up and we just went work. We found a few kelps with a mix of Tuna and Yellowtail but by late afternoon we were lucky and found a couple of kelps that really made the day. By days end the gang had used up several tags and wet shoes, just the way we like it. The photos of the day are of Myranda and Chase, hats off to our junior anglers today. We’ll try it again in the A.M…

Good night and the kids are sleeping. The guys



Huntington Harbor Rod and Reel Club

The guys had a  catch of nice grade yellowtail – as fish were being weighed on the dock, several were over 20lbs

Congratulations to young Matthew Jefferson for big fish honors for his 30.8lb beauty!


They left today for a 3 day – check back in!

American Angler


After last trip’s tough offshore fishing  – we decided to head down the beach. We did not have wide open fishing, but everyone one the boat caught at least one nice grade yellowtail with many anglers catching more. Father-son team Scot and Luke Campbell proudly display one of the many fish the team put aboard today.

The guys



The word “family” pretty much sums up our last 1.5 day fishing trip. Skip Newton has assembled close friends and family for the last three years which has made this one of the crew favorites and a trip we look forward to. We have had exceptional fishing the last few years and we were looking forward to repeating but unfortunately the fish did not cooperate. We did manage a few and when fishing is tough every fish landed is cherished. Camille Newton once again displayed her fishing prowess with the jackpot 71lb bluefin and Skip and Meg’s grandkids Anne and Taj helped each other land their trophy yellowfin tuna.  The guys


Kens Custom Reel 3 day

Thank you Ken and appreciate all that came out fishing on this trip!

Congrats to jp winners:

1st    Jason Jackson         29.6lb yt

2nd   William Romo          27.6lb yt

kens 3 day jp

1.5 day family “camp Newton” trip departs this afternoon

American Angler


We had perfect conditions for spotting kelps today and were excited to use them to our advantage. Calm winds, blue skies for good contrast, and a slight swell made kelp spotting a lot easier. The bummer was that most of the kelps were dry with only a few holding fish. The upside was that the grade of yellowtail was beautiful as shown by Andrew and Chris Demcak who caught this beauty on a mint salas 7x. Ken Corwin was once again our gracious host as he proves time and time again that Ken’s Custom Reels is a class act.

The guys


We started out the day stopping on a few paddies where we caught a couple of handfulls of quality yellows. Every year regular Rose Marie Romo started her day off right with a chunky yellowtail shown off with our beloved Landfill. We then experienced a couple hour lull in the action as we found a “nectar” spot in the ocean where the water was a little warmer then it’s surrounding area and it payed off big time. We experienced a “as good as it gets” stop on 12-20 pound tuna as it was truly like fishing in an aquarium. All aboard have heard the “should have been here yesterday” line but in this case we were. Paul Lopez-Wood is stoked with one of his many tuna that he landed today.

The guys

3 spots on Wed July 22 three day trip