Local fun

With the offshore scene having some kinks it needs to work out, we opted to spend the day down the beach focusing on some user friendly yellows. As the wind blew on the outside we were fortunate to enjoy fun fishing and good weather throughout the day with certain parts of the day having its highs and lows.  The gang had awesome opportunities to enjoy yellowtail fishing at its best with multiple visual bites as well as fast ones- which kept smiles going around.  Here are a few shots of day with team Bishop who used amazing teamwork and Brian Le both showing their quality fish.


The Gang


Report to come tonight – sounds like a nice day of fishing!

5:30 eta and see Emma Clark below – Nice one Emma!

5 day Calstar trip departs tomorrow – sign in 7-9am





The guys returned with nice yellowtail catch this morning and proof that having passports onboard affords the Captain options.  Thanks to this nice group of folks for coming out fishing and hope to see you again soon


1st place:  Gary Porter  21lb yt

2nd place:  Mike Keller  18lb yt

3 day jp


We have a 1.5 day trip departing this afternoon and there are a few spots if you want a spontaneous mini-vacation

American Angler


After yesterday’s boat ride in choppy weather it was nice to stop the boat and enjoy good fishing. We picked at the yellowtail all day and  ended up with a pretty good catch. Josh took time away from his creative culinary magic to help us out on deck and is shown with father daughter combo Mike and Cece Keller with one of her many fish she landed today.

We have a 1.5 day trip departing at 4pm today with spots available – grab your passport & fishing poles and come on out.

The guys



We went looking down the coast for yellows and when we arrived on scene the area had up welled and the water was cooler and dirty. Not without a plan b we went offshore and like the latest maps showed the water was cleaner and warm. The area we covered was traditional grounds that no one has covered but we found very little. Noah Hiscox boated a sample of what is to come in a form of a nice dorado. The door is open as water conditions are nice as the fish just need to fill in.

The guys


We got the sweat off on our day of departure thanks to a local yellowtail bite. Just about everyone aboard caught a fish with many of our folks catching multiple fish. Ty Ty Babros caught a couple of fish and was totally stoked.

The guys


Today’s fishing was a US waters tour which left us empty-handed, though not from lack of effort.

Tomorrow’s 1.5 will be heading in the opposite direction

American Angler



kadota jpCapt Lopez brought back the Kadota gang this morning with a beautiful catch of variety – most notably the yellowtail which were a really nice grade and still holding a shimmering color.

Congrats to jackpot winners

1st place   Gary Johnson      39lb yellowfin tuna

2nd place  Kub Ito               37lb Wahoo

3rd place   Larry Martin        36.5lb yellowtail


And on a personal note from Danny Kadota:

Once again we would like to thank all of our sponsors.  With their support,  our trips are successful before we even leave the dock.  It’s a great opportunity for our group to fish the “old school” equipment that has set the bar in Southern California over the years,  and try new innovative gear that will be the future standard.   Every part of our gear plays a key role in our overall experience on the American Angler….

Mustad Hooks have been the standard in So Cal fishing for years,  yet new tweaks ( Ringed, Black Nickel Hooks) keep these”Skippers Favorites” on the top of the list.  Hooks are sent to us in the most utilized sizes we use on an 8 day trip,    and have hooked and landed everything we launch a bait with.

Tady Lures over the years have accounted for the majority of the yellowtail put in the fish hold.   Tady 4/0’s are our bread and butter yo-yo iron,  and the 45’s nail the tails on the surface.  Single hooked Tady 9’s have done a number on the tuna and wahoo though out the years also.

Pacific Fly Group has given us the ability to lighten up our carry on wardrobe,  with shower washable short sleeve jackets, and pants that dry quickly.  On this trip I’m offering those repeat anglers who already have the full “Battle gear”,  microfiber underwear(lightweight, wicks moisture, and washable and quick drying) awesome travel apparel.

I have a roll of Flex Tape for each angler  to remedy  those nagging line cuts that always seem to find us sometime during the trip…

Again,   I’m raffling off 3 of the NEW Accurate Fury 600 2 speeds….6061 Aluminum Billet,  CNC reels really come in handy on our 8 day trip!  That’s  why our anglers are converting over to Accurate,  from yo-yoing, surface iron,  to bait fishing big Bluefin or smoking Wahoo…its also refreshing to have a product made here in the U.S..

Typically,  I thank Lori and the crew after the trip,  I forget how much they do for us prior to the trip!    So here’s to the best crew in San Diego…THANKS YOU’RE AWESOME!


And from us here at the American Angler, a huge thanks back to Danny for all he does!  We are very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable veteran who remains enthusiastic and passionate about this industry.

We have a couple of days in and then going to mix it up with the local fleet beginning Friday.  If you want to get out there – we have 6 spots left on a 1.5 day departing this Sunday afternoon, June 21st.




Wrapping it up

Today the gang spent some time putting in hard work for the elusive halibut and even though the bites were few and far between it was the challenge that kept it exciting. After a few close calls & heart breaks we did manage to tag a couple for bragging rights and in between drifts a scattering of yellows were thrown in the mix for some last minute freshness. Closing it up, we are going to take full of advantage of this beautiful weather and to head for the barn.


The guys