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The boat checked in tonight and had extremely long doldrums throughout the day with just enough action to keep things interesting – big fish caught today by Terry Snell with a 197lber.  Everyo... Read More


The boat is doing well, despite the silence because unfortunately the emails are not coming through…there will be pictures posted as soon as possible.  The last two days have been a good tuna b... Read More


The guys eta tomorrow is 7am.  All the fish reports and pictures that they weren’t able to send will go up tomorrow as well Thank you! American Angler... Read More


Talked to the boat tonight and their email is still not working so here is an office relayed fish report again. The guys are scratching their way through the trip and everyone has fish – today... Read More


The guys called in this morning – and have not been able to send a fish report.  They are putting together a nice trip – 37 nice fish yesterday with Ken Corwin coming out on top with his ... Read More


The Nov. 8 day returned this morning – wow all the wahoo!  Lots of new faces along with our regulars on this trip and we appreciate all of you coming fishing Congrats to jackpot winners: 1st ... Read More