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Rocky’s annual 8 day Opener is underway and it was such a pleasure seeing everyone.  The crew is fired up this morning to get this season going and especially with this great group of folks. R... Read More


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First trip returned and they had success at dark with 17 Bluefin from 25-40#s – the birthday boy included.  See pictures below (thank you Michelle Uesugi Fonoimoana for the pics) Ben – th... Read More


And they are off….. First trip of the season is a short one and a birthday celebration…guess who below.  Have fun everyone, it looks like it’s going to be nice weather tomorrow and ... Read More


What have the American Angler crew been up to for the past month +?  The day after the Long Beach Show the guys went right to it and began a big job – re doing the fish wells.  They have put ... Read More


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We want to thank everyone that stopped by the American Angler booth at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show.  It is was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and talk about the upcoming season. Th... Read More