As we know when we come down to fish for trophy yellowfin tuna it comes down to our timing and playing the cards we are dealt. Lucky for us even though the last couple of days have been tough overall we were dealt some good hands. The guys that were down here the round before us had it pretty tough but thanks to them they narrowed down where not to go so we were able to drive right to them. As we travel up we’re happy about the nice catch aboard but the real success is when I walked into the galley before dinner and the volume was at a low roar. Everyone aboard even though all different shapes and sizes meshed into one cohesive unit and became one which makes this trip the biggest success of all. The guys



We woke up this morning and found that our conditions had changed and for whatever reason, the bottom line is that we just could not connect the dots. The fish we did find were smaller grade and the few bigger fish we did hook managed to get away. The old saying of ” if you go to enough ball games you will sit in every seat” was very true as we weren’t quite in the nosebleeds but we definitely were not behind home plate. The guys


The saying that hard work pays off pretty much sums up the fishing that we have been doing the last few days. Soaking many baits before one finds that perfect swimmer,the right timing and just simply a little luck is what it takes to be part of the riches at the end of the story. Greg Stoney caught the days largest with a 204.5 and Glenn Kuromi was right there with one that weighed 198lbs. The guys





Pretty much Groundhog Day which in this case is not a bad thing. Good weather as we scratched away on an amazing grade of fish with the afternoon pretty much falling on its face as the life went away. This hasn’t been a great trip for cows but the mid to high one hundreds sure make each and every battle a good one. Tony Dupree landed this trips largest so far with a 227. The guys


Today’s fishing can be described as a slow scratch and even though most of the day there was sign of better fish racing around, you had to really work at it to get a bite. As always we must keep things in perspective as we found an area where there are sharks but they are pretty much leaving us alone and  to our business. In the end, the groups hard work and perseverance resulted  in a respectable score by dark.

The guys




We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to enjoy another nice day of big tuna fishing. We caught a few less fish than yesterday but the trade off was today’s beautiful average grade. Overall if you were lucky enough to get bit, the reward was a 120-190lb fish. It was never wide open but it seemed like we had at least one fish hooked all day long. Our 100lb sardine gear was definitely put to the test today. Hurricane boated a 206lb fish to let us know that there are definitely a few bigger ones around. Tony Duprey’s birthday wish was a shout out to family and friends and also to say he wished his good buddy Rocky was here with us.

The guys






We had a fantastic day where things all came together. The weather was great,the morale on deck was 100 percent team oriented, and of course the catching helped as we enjoyed steady fishing all day long. The grade of tuna is beautiful as the average size was 110-175lbs with Galen Steward landing our only in the low twos.

The guys




We have had an enjoyable ride down and cannot wait to start fishing. The cribbage tournament always is a big hit and this years game was as competitive as always. In the end the duo of Hurricane Bill and Galen were unbeatable and they are pictured with the tournament director Bill Randall handing out the prize.

The guys