Arriving at our destination shortly after lunch, Mother Nature quickly made it apparent that today was going to be a challenge. As wahoo are hard enough to land by themselves, those pesky sharks made it even harder. At times we had good action on wahoo but the enemies were consistently relentless, but we made the best of what the ocean had to offer today, and it allowed some of us to capture our first wahoos. Welcoming “new to the club” is long time angler Janet Ashikaga and Ryan Smith with their first. Still with a few wahoo virgins we are going to spend the night a try again tomorrow.

Ready for more

The guys




Today we enjoyed a beautiful traveling day in good weather, as the gang spent most of their time rigging and getting suited for the next couple days.  Just when we thought it might be a fish less day- the marauders went off. Totally caught off guard, the next thing you know wahoo were zipping around the boat and biting right next to the boat, flashing on anything that hit the water. As is very common in any wahoo stop,  the bite offs were steady and the hook to land to ratio was not good. Extremely exciting to say the least but more than anything this appetizer was the perfect warm up. The photo of the day is about half the of the lucky anglers who were able to land one of these toothy critters. As you can tell by everyone’s open toed shoes, it all happened very fast…..so remember to wear those boats.

Heading down,

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Ken’s Custom Reel’s 7 day trip  with Wes in the sponsor’s seat, returned early this morning.

A huge thanks to Ken and Wes for your always continued support and generosity to the American Angler!

Congrats to JP winners and other picture is sweet granddaughter Berlyn proud of her Papa

1st     Dick Brown      32.5# wahoo

2nd    John Lingenberg   28.8#wahoo

3rd    Todd Craig   27.8#yellowtail (we’ll remember that weight for a while)

kens 7 day jp 15Dick and Berlyn

Capt Ray turned around for the first 10 day of the season – check back!

American Angler





As we continued the offshore search for the elusive glory kelp, things were looking up as we woke up to good weather and our first kelp had sign of wahoo and dorado. Feeling that we were just on the leading edge, the search became more intense…sadly though the sign of life on kelps and the shortage of kelps left us begging for more. By the end of the day, after covering lots of good water and beautiful looking conditions – the denial had fully set in. Though it wasn’t a slam dunk, the effort was 100% and a few lucky ones were fortunate to bag a wahoo. We are calling it a trip, wrapping things up and heading to the barn.

Enjoying the weather

ETA 6:15

The guys



Breaking it up

With Mother Nature making the ocean a little grumpy we opted to take the safe route and have a mess around day, taking a few hours off in the morning to let things settle down a bit. We finally got a weather reprieve and got to do a little fishing. From lings and things to a token yellow from time to time kept us entertained and as today was more of a stepping stone, it was a nice way to break up the ride and let the wind pass. With the weather reports looking better for tomorrow we are looking forward to getting offshore to finish it off.

Getting some rest

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Just what the doctor ordered

After a long last couple of days trying to piece it together, today we hit gold and found what we’ve been looking for… fast action and biting fish…… starting it off with an after breakfast window where the gang enjoyed some Yoyo yanking and cranking on some freaky yellows – followed by an after lunch heart pumping surface iron and fly line bite. With every hook set came the feeling of redemption and gratification and when the smoke finally cleared we could call today a well deserved success story. Two old friends Steve Sargent and John Pherrin take a minute to smile and enjoy the moment. We are gonna head up the line and try to work around the wind.


Back on track

The guys


Another taste

Today we had another opportunity to partake in a taste of action. In scorching hot weather, the gang put together a decent day on good grade yellows and even though we weren’t exactly setting the world on fire, we still managed to have some fun. We are waiting for our window of good fishing conditions, and making the best of it in hopes of grander days to come. Proud Marge Berry and Chris Rinauro show off one of their trophies in hopes of more to come.  Making a short over night run and looking for our big day.

Feeling close

The guys




Working hard

Seeing decent tuna sign right out of the gate gave us high hopes things had changed for the better, but even though we started off with a new day and a fresh start – the fish made us work hard once again. We did have a couple rallies on good grade yellowfin which in these tough fishing conditions had us feeling good about ourselves, unfortunately like a light switch they had came and went, leaving us back on the search for greener pastures.

We are thankful for what action we had and are sticking around in hopes of turning over a new leaf.  Picture of the day – the Bishops doing what they do….keeping it positive


The guys



Tough hand

When we left the dock, we were faced with some pretty tough elements. Today we covered a lot of ground in search of biting fish, and after checking a few different zones throughout the day, it seemed what little fish we saw wanted nothing to do with us. As many can make all the excuses they want, all in all we were just dealt a tough hand. We are shaking this one off and regrouping tomorrow in hopes for some different cards.

The guys


The Naoe Custom Rods trip returned with nice sized tuna harvested on this 3 day trip

Jackpot fish



naoe jp

Thanks Mike and Mike!

Departing today on Ken’s Custom Reel with Wes sponsoring this annual 7 day trip

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