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We have enjoyed the ride down because the company and the weather has been fantastic. It was encouraging to get scattered jigstrikes on smaller tuna over a 30 mi area as we straightlined down to our u... Read More


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Ken’s Custom Reels 3 day trip returned this morning with a beautiful grade yellowtail trip. A huge thanks to Ken Corwin who helps keep our wheels in motion!!  And Wes – the guys missed yo... Read More


Glory After our needle in the hay stack find yesterday, today we started off on the right foot with two magic kelps as the sun was barely rising. Not only did we have great excitement but the grade o... Read More


Ladies Show We spent today on the local offshore grounds in search of the magic kelp, and even with the lack of good lighting for optimum looking conditions, we were still lucky enough to piece it to... Read More


Thanks all for coming fishing – what a nice trip! Congrats jp winners: 1st  Maurice Exner     158lb yft 2nd  Todd Thergesen     138lb yft 3rd  Shawn Mcbride     68lb yft   Lo... Read More


As we arrived to the grounds just after lunch, the one thing we definitely couldn’t complain about was the weather which entailed lots of sunscreen and shorts for us. As for the fishing side of ... Read More


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The guys returned this morning with a beautiful catch of yellowtail with a couple of large tuna for the wow factor.  And once again, a huge thanks to our dear friends Matt Salas and Al Tokunaga fo... Read More